Why Sports Tourism Centers

Why Sports Tourism Centers

Davao has quickly become a hub for sports tourism in Mindanao, where it has been a tourist destination not only at the regional level, but also at national and international levels for big sports glasses.

“The developments of sport events in Davao have been developed,” Miki Abortadera, who is in charge of the Sports Development Department of SDD-CMO office, Monday (July 22). In the city from their families and friends, so they enjoyed seeing Dao and his experience. ”

He also said that as long as the Dawa City will host big sporting events, it will continue to enjoy the benefits it normally receives.

The Dao Tourism Association (Data) is part of the city’s tourist gains for sporting events organized here.

Jackhalion said, “Our tourism industry is a direct beneficiary of all these sporting events,” Participants from various places have discovered our city, which everyone participates in warm activities, which can be used in housing, restaurants, transport and the local economy. All the tourists spend on eco-systems. ”

After becoming the head of data since 2016, he has established a new area in his organization and to tell the Vice President of Sports Tourism “to tell the whole world that we are ready to host sports competitions,” he said.

In this year alone, about 2,200 participants from 38 countries competed in the second phase of Alvo Ironman 70.3 Dao, in which Marcus Rowley of Germany surprised Marcus Rowly of Germany to win the men’s title and Radka Kahelfelt of the Czech Republic, Who went beyond their competitors in defense and race stages. On March 24, on the crown of a pro woman.

Articles from United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Mexico, Ukraine, India, Malaysia, Qatar, United States, Belgium, Spain, Italy, New Caledonia, Singapore, South Africa, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain Race of Norway, Thailand, Switzerland, Greece, Kuwait, New Zealand, Turkey, China, Guam, Mexico, Panama, Taiwan and the Philippines

It is interesting to note that 2018 Alvo Ironman 70.3 Dao recently won the Best Ironman 70.3 in Asia, while Dao was given the Best Host city award.

Iron Event 70.3 did not have side event pavements. A total of 1,021 participants were included in the Alaska Family Run organized at People’s Park, and with 5,200 participants, the 5-kilometer Herbalife Nutrition Iron Girl in the Azuela cove was twice the number. 600 Runner Last year.

Complete the meeting of 2017, in which Dao city was dominated by a permanent champion, who, after the end of January, hosted around 5,000 delegates except the family members, while the city Palarong Pambansa 2019 took place from April 28 to May 4 Hosted 20,000 delegates. Of the other members of the athletes, coaches, officers and athletes of 17 competitive areas.

As it was not enough, barely two weeks later the Palarco National Games Priyo 2019, which includes approximately 7,000 athletes, coaches and officials from 16 districts on May 19 and 24.

On June 15, Red Boxing International Inc.

Thorilla Championship at the Tholley Championships in Los Angeles, Dowro, which earned Ronald the “American Dream”, Johnson of the United States won the WBO World Heavyweight Championship, when Saul won the “Farah” Beckra with Andrea Tent, Azuela Cove from Bolivia Stopped in In Lanang

More than 500 triathlon races from other countries, the Waterfront Insular Hotel, first joined the 5150 Duathlon from Penang in Davao, which was originally a trilogy, but since the water quality tests by Pakiputan have proved that they are used for recreational purposes.

Not suitable. Cancel the swimming phase for the event.

Meanwhile, the upcoming 34th Kadian Saab Dubo Festival is the largest and largest of this year, with 10 other events added from the last year’s 27 events list.

Cadillac Huff Marathon Run, Cadillac Rain Dao Regional Race Cadion Commercial Championships for the 520K Ultramarathon, Oupap and Sesafi teams, the first Cadionic Ski Challenge, Cadillac Dragon Festival, Crossfire Cranium and Team Kwago 1 Dabo Hurdle race race year.

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