What is slow motion? How this can change your life

What is slow motion How this can change your life

A selective aggregation of people dedicated to slow activity in slow motion, the first of which is slow food movement.

Slow activity requires the slow pace of modern technological life, arguing that there is a dominant argument in advanced capitalism which is equivalent to speed with efficiency.

For slow-active people, the opportunities for contemplative relationships with others and the natural world are constantly getting decreased in the growing world.

Temporarily, our presence in the world really faces a challenge through relentless demand for decision-making, reaction and action without adequate time to engage in the complexity of life.

Wheel Culture Leaked In Social and Political Places In The 21st Century.

In response to this culture, slo-food was one of the first activities emerging in the western world.

In 1989, Carlo Petrini challenged the spread of industrial fast food, where he defended simple, handmade food, which adopted the traditions of the product and local dishes.

Slow food was developed to enjoy the slow cooking and share food with others in a quiet and less commercial context.

In addition, the movement raises awareness about the environment and educational issues related to food production and consumption worldwide.

As such, it provides the basis for political awareness of issues such as sustainability and small-scale collaborative agriculture such as large-scale fast food and food production options.

Founded in San Francisco in 1996, the Long Now Foundation is adjusting today’s fast emerging culture by promoting long-term thinking and responsibility. It challenges the relationship between efficiency, productivity and speed, and promotes “slow / better” on “fast / cheap”.

While there is a “slow / better” sense in the context of food – sometimes criticized in the form of an elf and gourmet engine, the slow food movement actually reinforces Petrina’s early social protest and is the most deprived global food systems Promotes a fair policy and justice.

Terra Madre, for example, is an international network that promotes sustainable agriculture and biodiversity to ensure good, clean and equitable food.

International discussions now focus on access to local, sustainable and nutritious food for community groups, which are often overlooked in moral debate and social policy.

For example, in Portland, Oregon, the movement argued that Latin farmers should be part of any slow eating activity, if they should develop.

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Recognizing its collusion with the latest, slow-art, exploitation of a non-western world, physically and culturally beneficial system, brings forth capitalist views.

This self-awareness among people in rich countries is, more and more a part of what is the specialty of slow exercise.

In the global South, there is a matter of concern for the slow pace of slow pace and slow governance, the search for relationships between urban crises, economic stagnation, migration, eviction, eviction and exclusion.

In these contexts, there is an intimate relationship between slow activity and recapture of common land.

While there is a great variety in the way of adopting popular movements around the world, which unites them, it is a determination to experience the joy of communicating with the basic needs of everyday life, with a kind of artistic slowness. Such movements seek to find a more original and durable relationship with the complexity of the world.

Since then, the slow pace has evolved to deliberately adopt its slowest pace practices around the world.

In part, this activity involves challenging our role as inactive consumers in the capitalist system for economic development and without intervention, the exchange

Slow announcement also extends to dedicated cultural places for “ideas”. Equation of speed and speed of efficiency is integrated into the typical European style of rationalism, where interest points out how to arithmetic, and thinking goes down – in general – technical manipulation and an empty application of truth.

Slow vision is the practice of opposing this kind of thinking that is unable to gather, stop, see and think.

In it, this is a deep and especially reflective form of slow activity. The way in which modern and contemporary methods attract slow motion, non-major practices, as well as slow vision.

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