Kerala should choose the judge who glorifies the Brahmins – though

Kerala should choose the judge who glorifies the Brahmins - though

In what was done by the Congress and Gandhi for the untouchables published in 1945, BR Ambedkar said that Brahmins and Bania were ruling classes in India, because they strangled culture and management.

While preparing a draft constitution of India as the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constituent Assembly, Ambedkar argued that one of the main objectives of the document – which affirmed independence, equality and brotherhood – was to break the scepter.

After more than 70 years, it seems that this message of equality has not been understood by some, whose primary responsibility is to maintain the values ​​of the constitution.

It was clear from the speech given in the class superiority at Chittambarish by Judge of the Supreme Court of Kerala in a program organized by Tamil Brahmin society in Kochi on July 19th.

Judge Chitambarish explained the concept of idealism Brahmana

The judge made one step to claim that Brahmas as a group were kept in harm because of India’s positive action policies for marginalized groups.

Many times claiming that he did not convey an opinion on the subject that what constitutes his constitutional position as a judge, chitambarshi.

They continued to do so: Brahmins urged for reservation.

There is a paradox in the opinion of the Supreme Court Justice. State guidelines are not applicable to the High Judiciary, although political parties and workers have been requested to review this policy for decades.

The judiciary has opposed reservations in the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court, claiming that its independence depends on the capacity of the schedule.

But the reformists argue that the idea of ​​abolishing the qualification as the sole determinant of appointments is wrong in Indian context, where classes play a central role in every aspect of life. Even if Chittamerish does not accept it, it has been benefited from the seizure policy.

Dominance of the top layer

Since independence, high-ranking judges have dominated the judiciary in a greater number than the population.

In May, the Supreme Court received the first dalit judge in nine years, a condition that was accurate, the Supreme Court’s Prevention of Policy was implemented.

Of course, there is also a moral problem in Judge Chitambirish’s speech. As a person in the event of preserving constitutional values, the judge surrendered the misleading concepts of class superiority.

It is true that the letter was thrown out of the court, but it creates suspicion whether a person with such opinion can actually have a purpose if issues related to the community and reservation are presented as a judge in the Supreme Court. to be done.

Because there is a possibility of bias, a judge who maintains such concepts about the superiority of classes can be accused of being unfair.

However, there is only one possible solution against this violation: Judges of the Supreme Court enjoy such immunity from any action so that they are the only possible intervention to isolate them.

Of course, it is impossible to expect from the judicial and political class that they adopt such a tough process for an out-of-court speech.

Therefore, for the Supreme Court to take administrative measures to ensure that at all times the judges who fail in their duties to maintain constitutional values ​​at all times are aware of the consequences of their actions at a minimum.

Judicial independence can not be an excuse to condemn such behavior.

Brahmin was born twice because of his weak work, the people, Sundaram [good deeds of his life], he has some special characteristics, clean habits, excellent thinking, sterling personality, mostly vegetarian and carnatic music.

Brahmin … he likes people, and he always understands that he is one of the [supporter-non-violent] nobles, who freely donates freely for praise for any reason, always be such a person needed. At the top of the cases “

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