Why Sports Tourism Centers

Why Sports Tourism Centers

Davao has quickly become a hub for sports tourism in Mindanao, where it has been a tourist destination not only at the regional level, but also at national and international levels for big sports glasses.

“The developments of sport events in Davao have been developed,” Miki Abortadera, who is in charge of the Sports Development Department of SDD-CMO office, Monday (July 22). In the city from their families and friends, so they enjoyed seeing Dao and his experience. ”

He also said that as long as the Dawa City will host big sporting events, it will continue to enjoy the benefits it normally receives.

The Dao Tourism Association (Data) is part of the city’s tourist gains for sporting events organized here.

Jackhalion said, “Our tourism industry is a direct beneficiary of all these sporting events,” Participants from various places have discovered our city, which everyone participates in warm activities, which can be used in housing, restaurants, transport and the local economy. All the tourists spend on eco-systems. ”

After becoming the head of data since 2016, he has established a new area in his organization and to tell the Vice President of Sports Tourism “to tell the whole world that we are ready to host sports competitions,” he said.

In this year alone, about 2,200 participants from 38 countries competed in the second phase of Alvo Ironman 70.3 Dao, in which Marcus Rowley of Germany surprised Marcus Rowly of Germany to win the men’s title and Radka Kahelfelt of the Czech Republic, Who went beyond their competitors in defense and race stages. On March 24, on the crown of a pro woman.

Articles from United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Mexico, Ukraine, India, Malaysia, Qatar, United States, Belgium, Spain, Italy, New Caledonia, Singapore, South Africa, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain Race of Norway, Thailand, Switzerland, Greece, Kuwait, New Zealand, Turkey, China, Guam, Mexico, Panama, Taiwan and the Philippines

It is interesting to note that 2018 Alvo Ironman 70.3 Dao recently won the Best Ironman 70.3 in Asia, while Dao was given the Best Host city award.

Iron Event 70.3 did not have side event pavements. A total of 1,021 participants were included in the Alaska Family Run organized at People’s Park, and with 5,200 participants, the 5-kilometer Herbalife Nutrition Iron Girl in the Azuela cove was twice the number. 600 Runner Last year.

Complete the meeting of 2017, in which Dao city was dominated by a permanent champion, who, after the end of January, hosted around 5,000 delegates except the family members, while the city Palarong Pambansa 2019 took place from April 28 to May 4 Hosted 20,000 delegates. Of the other members of the athletes, coaches, officers and athletes of 17 competitive areas.

As it was not enough, barely two weeks later the Palarco National Games Priyo 2019, which includes approximately 7,000 athletes, coaches and officials from 16 districts on May 19 and 24.

On June 15, Red Boxing International Inc.

Thorilla Championship at the Tholley Championships in Los Angeles, Dowro, which earned Ronald the “American Dream”, Johnson of the United States won the WBO World Heavyweight Championship, when Saul won the “Farah” Beckra with Andrea Tent, Azuela Cove from Bolivia Stopped in In Lanang

More than 500 triathlon races from other countries, the Waterfront Insular Hotel, first joined the 5150 Duathlon from Penang in Davao, which was originally a trilogy, but since the water quality tests by Pakiputan have proved that they are used for recreational purposes.

Not suitable. Cancel the swimming phase for the event.

Meanwhile, the upcoming 34th Kadian Saab Dubo Festival is the largest and largest of this year, with 10 other events added from the last year’s 27 events list.

Cadillac Huff Marathon Run, Cadillac Rain Dao Regional Race Cadion Commercial Championships for the 520K Ultramarathon, Oupap and Sesafi teams, the first Cadionic Ski Challenge, Cadillac Dragon Festival, Crossfire Cranium and Team Kwago 1 Dabo Hurdle race race year.

Uganda Village tried to fight Ebola virus

Uganda Village tried to fight Ebola virus

When Godfrey and his wife Jennifer died with vomiting and fever, their first thought was Ebola. Their neighbors also had the same fear in Mohandati, a small village in Kasi province of Uganda. But thanks to their training on community monitoring, they all knew what to do.

Godfrey and Jennifer have alerted the health team in their village who contacted the local Ebola alert team.

They agreed that the couple should be admitted to the separation and treatment unit at the Puere Hospital for examination with their two children (age 6 and 4).

When a family of four members of the Ebola Treatment Unit left after 48 hours, it was with some fear.

Fortunately, it was revealed that Godfrey and his family were suffering from more serious illness than food poisoning. But when he was happy to be free from the Ebola virus, he was not sure how to treat his community.

Their community is very scared because the regions torn by Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo are crossing the porous borders.

In June, the first Ebola virus cases in Uganda were confirmed in a family that had recently visited the Democratic Republic of Congo. The three patients died.

Communities in the area have been sensitive to Ebola’s symptoms and treatment, and despite the fear of illness, they understand that community monitoring is important to save lives.

The health ministry’s psychologist, Cattle Bogger, said, “They are Ebola-free, and the next step for the family is to re-establish them in the community so that no one thinks they have fled from the treatment center.”

The road of Mohindi village is located along a steep road and leads to Mount Ruinsuri. In the village, people eagerly waited. As he got out of his family car, he stood at a distance.

A leader of the village and a senior member of the family goes forward and then suddenly stops, it is not certain what to do – hand shaking, hugging or hugging.

Moves forward to manage the banana position.

“Get close to me because I brought you good news,” she raised her voice to listen to everyone. “Your people do not have Ebola virus, I have sent them back to you.”

Suddenly the family members got further success. They hugged and pulled the children out of Jennifer’s arms. Emphasis was peeping and chattering. Expressing gratitude for their safe return, they took them away.

“We got nervous because the worst happened to our community,” said the head of the village Bogonja Johnson. Everyone scared Thank you for reassuring us and returning them to us. ”

Everyone gathered around him because Killet told what happened. He appreciated the leadership of the village and family so that the right decisions can be taken to allow the family members to be separated from the Ebola virus tests to protect the rest of society.

“After the results are good, we should be cautious against Ebola,” Kyle said. “We must fight together with Ebola through openness.”

Godfrey told his friends and family about his experience in the Ebola Treatment Unit.

A community based community monitoring system is being built with a joint effort of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Health Ministry and other partners, so that the cases of suspected Ebola infection can be reported quickly.

These efforts give results when the community takes responsibility for fighting the disease.

“We are very happy to see many communities as being part of this process,” Kaisey’s WHO team leader Dr. Felix Okum said.

There are currently no cases of Ebola infection in Uganda. The country is constantly vigilant.

How Zac Efron made the Simpson family only

How Zac Efron made the Simpson family only

The first scene on Facebook Watch was “Sorry for Your Your,” which was an optimistic focus on the details of the mourning process.

While it was written sensibly and beautifully by the likes of Elizabeth Olsen, the fact of their success was largely on the podium.

You want to see a frightening search of the consequences of death on Facebook, because being on Facebook, there is a concession in the first place so that it is suitable for everyone.

Human discovery is a different issue. Because Human Discovery is a cartoon of light and black comedy.

It’s a kind of thing that relies on the viewer in a good mood, which is very important when I’ve spent just 20 minutes wandering around a group of communities who are constantly worsening.

And yet, by Gough, it succeeds. The world can not change with human discoveries. Not like smart as Simpsons. It’s not like South Park.

You are not interested in the depth of this humorous BoJack Horsemen, and can not work as a huge magnet for all the world’s most hate fans, as Rick and Mortai did. However, as a caricature without reference to human discovery, it is simply as wonderful.

The show has been set in prehistoric times, when it comes to comedy then a wonderful land. I did Flintstone. I did a dinosaur.

Based on a long series of auto insurance ads, the 2007 US sitcom did so. But these modernities show their personality from the beginning, from the lawn mower of Glintstone dinosaur to the foreign human shoe of Ruby Sinclair.

Human search takes a different line. His name comes from the fact that he was appointed at the time of human invention.

In the first episode, tired of tigers, the characters created fire. In the second episode, they learn to cook meat, which are kept longer than raw meat, and thus try for free time.

In the third episode, stare in the fire has become the group’s primary recreational activity, which means that the old storytakers have to upgrade their game to the competition.

Only three episodes were released, which means that I can not deny the possibility that this is a whole series about the outcome of the fire, but the fingers I have crossed are not the ones.

Since the first person who is searching for anything in human pursuits is present, it comes with a lot of things when it comes to emotions.

While some old characters – mainly the collector of a traditional fisherman, called Ogh – ridiculed and surprised, and do their job without much exploration, the youth group is related to the knot of love, sex and courtesy. It works while many of these things do not contain words, which increase their sensitivity.

It’s a good show with a heap of capacity, which is worth seeing for actors alone. Zac Ephron and Anna Kendrick are the two main names here, but they are supported by a series of deadly talents: Stephanie Beatrice, Sam Richardson, Lamaron Morris – and play an assassin – Laden Kudro

Now, we are all smart enough to not judge the animation through all the first few episodes. BoJack Horseman started with life without troubling and frustrated.

South Park initially had only one car which put a glance at the stool, so it became a way of landing at a very timely time.

Today, Simpson’s family’s first episode crawls revolve around a family of mutations. In comparison, human searches come out of the gate with incredible confidence. I was happy to see several episodes of that episode in which he was involved.

But if you change and adapt in something more complex like all other presentations, then you will actually turn into something special. It is embarrassing that it is on a stage where you should avoid seeing your racist uncle see it.

He was happy since his retirement – at any time, his job had made him so sad that he was dealing with anxiety and depression – so that he wanted to show others how to do it.

“It’s almost like people are sick, you know what you feel and want to suck to get sick and you want to give them medicine to help them better.”

At the same time, Leung says that he has recently been diagnosed as “naughty happy” by the doctor. He is so confident about the power of fire that he believes that this can have political effect.

“The rise of Donald Trump was due to economic fear, and due to economic fear Britain out of European Union … if everyone is FI [independent financial], then trump will not be selected.”

Will they return to their old jobs? Shane said laughing. “I do not think I will be very helpful as an employee now.”

As she says, it has been very open to obediently following the instructions. “As soon as you get out of the matrix, you can not go back to the matrix,” she says brutally. “I’ve already seen a lot.”

They have become millionaires and have retired in 31 years

They have become millionaires and have retired in 31 years

After growing poverty in Chinese rural areas, where her family lived at least $ 0.44 a day, Christie Sheen learned to take decisions based on practicality rather than feelings at an early age.

After his family moved to Canada, on the first visit to the eight-year-old toy store, refused to offer a bear for a cheap child and asked his father to send the remaining money to his family in China.

When she was a teenager, she chose to become a computer engineer, ignoring her dream of being a writer, on the basis of a source, she used to classify the best university courses on the basis of tuition fees for future salaries.

Had prepared for it. As an adult, any domestic dispute with her husband, Brice Leung, is usually won or lost on the basis of the best game case.

But when Leung told her in 2012 that her savings could be up to one million Canadian dollars ($ 760,000) in three years and she could retire in her early thirties, she was convinced that the facts were wrong.

Finally, the most logical argument won. Three years later, Shane, 31, and Leon, 32, retired.

They are part of the growing fire movement (financial independence fast retired), which encourage workers to make huge savings to enable them to stop working for money before normal.

Today, at the age of 36 and 37, respectively, Chen and Leung take “retire” (to use the word on two people, hence pulse with youth seems misleading).

They started abandoning their old jobs – worked as computer engineers – almost permanently traveled around the world – spending time in countries like Japan, United Kingdom, Portugal and Thailand – started creating a successful blog, Millennial Revolution Doing, teaching others how to retire quickly. . The first was a children’s book, Little Miss Eiffel.

Second edition, “Take a Millionaire Like It” has been issued a guidebook on the memo this month and presents financial independence as a pleasure and refuses home ownership as an investment.

First of all, his friends and family were skeptical, so that he was expected to be bankrupt after one year.

But the visit has given them less than a year at home in Toronto, and their portfolio has increased because they have left their old life, so now they have more money than they have started.

Some people see what they are doing as “neglect” because it defines the status quo. “It really makes people doubt their life and do not like it because it’s scary.”

Their journey in the fire started quite a lot in the fire – they were saving the deposit to buy a house.

But as much as their savings, high house prices, and less confidence to get the real estate ladder By 2012, after seven years of savings, they had $ 500,000 CAD, but Leung started looking for other solutions.

After facing the first bloggers like Fire Mustache, they say: “I realized what they were doing, and where we can be debtor for 25 years or retire in about three years.”

Using the revised version of “4% rule” – an inaccurate doctrine from the world of traditional retirement – he calculated his basic living expenditure, C $ 40,000, and defeated him with 25 million Canadian dollars, the amount that he had to retire would be required.

In total nine years, they managed to collect four-fifths of that savings, while another CAD 200,000 through less risk investment.

But their saved lifestyle was not completely economical. They used to spend money on holidays and they were allowed to be treated. The deduction focuses on three main areas: transportation, housing and food.

They used to avoid eating out, used only public transport and car sharing services and used to stay away from the city center to save rent. Monitoring their expenditure has helped identify areas that they can reduce – including drinking habits.

Shane laughed, “At some point in the beginning, he was only spending $ 400 on beer.” “I like it,” do you know that this is the amount we used to rent in a month? ”

Now that he has retired, he believes that his savings, invested in low-cost index funds (ETFs), will keep him in future. In the event of a disaster, including 1929 accident, they have three backup plans.

“Probably, we are some of the most pessimistic people I’ve met,” Long says through clarification. “We are just doing this because we have created all these security nets that will follow us.”

During his childhood in Taiping, a village in Sichuan province, he says that he quickly learned the mentality of scarcity.

On the front: 12 hours in a surrounded abortion clinic

On the front 12 hours in a surrounded abortion clinic

Rachel is standing on a Chevrolet seat, where she binds herself in her mirror. He pulls Fedor to cover his face, but he is not convinced that he provides enough cover. He carries a large size sunglasses.

Although this group hides its face, it is not a vague picture in the neighborhood in the neighboring neighborhood in Montgomery, Alabama.

“I think I have a fake drink,” she says. “What do you think?”

Rachel is a doctor offering abortion, and if modern history is a proof, refusal can not be a bad idea. Since 1993, in the United States anti-choice extremists have killed 11 people, including four doctors.

Abortion can cause serious curvature in doctors’ care, many were canceled, expelled or job offers were canceled. Fear of their safety, some doctors decided to distribute themselves. For these reasons, abortion clinics are struggling to find local doctors ready to take those risks.

This is the American reality that forces medical professionals to travel hundreds of miles to provide basic health care for women.

Alabama has recently approved one of the most severe abortion laws in the country, which will allow doctors to abort at any stage of pregnancy, unless the woman’s life is at risk. The law has been abrogated, and till now, abortion is legal before 20 weeks in Alabama.

The state has recently passed one of the nine restrictive abortion restrictions as a biblical biblical right to challenge the access to abortion.

Although no restrictions are currently in place, they are designed to make pressure on Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court’s decision, which ensures the legal right to women’s abortion.

Rachel awakens at dawn and takes her family from a train to the airport. Then travel to Atlanta and take a car rental and drive two hours from Montgomery. The next day, when his work is over, he takes his steps back.

It takes 10 hours to travel in every direction, and there are times when there are 2 hours before returning to bed.

Under the weight of constant attacks from state assemblies, the number of clinics offering miscarriage has declined for decades.

In the South and Central West, between 2011 and 2014 the number of clinics decreased by 13% and 22% respectively.

The situation is so difficult that in some states – Missouri, West Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, South and North Dakota – now there is only one abortion clinic.

While Rachel and her younger daughter are still asleep, the lives of protesters, clinic attendants and patients around the clinic come to life.

Last evening in the hotel, Rachel told me that he had chosen his work line when he realized that family planning was an area of ​​medical care.

According to a 2013 study, only about 54 percent of 161 pregnancy and gynecological residency programs practice routine abortion.

“I do not know how many lectures we have on Crohn’s disease in the middle school,” he said. “It is a devastating disease, but about 40,000 people are diagnosed in the United States every year.”

He said that the lack of interest has made me very angry so that I can get specialization in it. “I thought I could help in training the next generation.”

Returning to the clinic, Mia Raven Dr. Opens the box of beber, trying to woke itself. Before the night, the clinic sent a letter to Rachel to warn him that there were 43 patients on the following day.

Two years ago, in the average clinic there were 15 patients in a day, 43 seemed to be unimaginable. But with compulsion to stop more clinics, it has become a standard.

The reproductive health clinic aborted on Friday due to doctors’ laxity and treatment is going on in Alabama.

This includes a compulsory waiting period of 48 hours after the first consultation, when women are notified of the risks of not only abortion (outlined in the first trimester), but also the option of abortion. Alabama law also provides patients with a package of medically incorrect information.

Outside the wet grass, the opponents like to pray. Most local Catholics stay on their way to work. The patients arrive before 5 a.m. to help the clinic to enter the clinic safely and privately.

The Defense Department coordinates with a police officer on the site every Friday to enforce laws against third party infringement – often against protesters.

The present Catholic demonstrators are somewhat different today. They do not have an embryo, there is no horn and they do not bother patients and carers.

They grow up gradually with their back in the clinic and mix their knees, thus reducing their stops on the club grass.

While Catholics are the original workers in the fight against abortion in America, but the evangelists have severely overwhelmed them.